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Over the years, our consignment program has helped many local authors and small publishers to promote and sell their books. We pride ourselves in supporting our local literary community and assisting new authors to give their titles greater visibility and sales.


Here's how Consignment works

  1. Your book is subject to meeting professional publishing standards. Based on our years of experience in bookselling, we reserve the right to refuse any book that does not meet our standards in terms of editing, presentation, subject matter or sale-ability. 
  2. Your book must be approved by Barb (Parksville store) before it can be consigned for sale in our stores. But, please DO NOT drop a copy of your book or books off at our front desk, expecting us to read it. It will not be accepted, nor will it be returned to you. You must make an appointment to meet with Barb (Ph. 250-248-1193) to talk about and show her your book, at which time she will determine whether or not it is one that we'd like to sell on your behalf. 
  3. Once your book has been approved for consignment, we will explain our consignment terms to you as follows: the standard 40% of your books retail price will be retained by The Mulberry Bush Book Store Inc. for any sales, and 60% will be paid to you, the consignor.
  4. As well, a $50 administrative fee will be charged, to be paid at the time the consignment is agreed upon. This fee covers our time in processing, labelling, shelving, promoting and selling your book in both stores for a 6 month period, as well as doing the final reconciliation work, writing your cheque, and providing individualized service to the many local authors and publishers we support through the program each year.
  5. We will display your book for a six month consignment period at both stores, and will initially take 6 copies, 3 for each store. If we sell-through at any time during that 6-month period, we'll contact you and ask you to bring in more copies. At that time we'll also pay you for those original copies sold.
  6. At the end of the consignment period, we'll notify you to come in to the Parksville store to pick up the remaining unsold copies and a cheque for any (further) copies sold.
  7. It is the consignor's responsibility to pick up any unsold copies. The Mulberry Bush Bookstore Inc. will dispose of or donate books left for more than one month after you have been notified, after the consignment period ends.
  8. The Mulberry Bush Book Store Inc. will only pay you for items that were sold, and assumes no responsibility for delivery or return costs, nor for damaged, lost or stolen consignment items.


Tips for a Successful Consignment

Encourage your friends, family, and other contacts to purchase your book at The Mulberry Bush Book Stores in Parksville or Qualicum Beach.

Contact your local newspaper and mailing lists to let them know that your book is available at The Mulberry Bush Book Stores in Qualicum Beach and Parksville.

Use your social media to get the word out that your book is now available at The Mulberry Bush Book Stores.

Send out press releases, review copies, and other promotional materials.
Get involved with book clubs, libraries, and other community organizations. Greater sales success comes from a wide range of author promotion.